“Creating cosmetic products from natural extracts of international quality
to meet the highest customer satisfaction"



Sell quality products and provide quality services.
Presenting new concepts improve the quality of life, society and environment
Operate business in a mutually beneficial way for employees, organizations and society Combine knowledge and abilities to create joint ideas.




Thailand is the leading cosmetic manufacturer in ASEAN. This is our strength. Myklass corporation is dedicated in creating international quality products. We have faith in quality products and affective marketing which support sustainability  in the market system. Our products are sustainable in the market. We intent to deverlop quality products and improve our team potential and learn customer behavior whose changes all time.



Two years of joint development of product formulations between brand owner Myklass corp and ILC laboratory, the leading cosmetic manufacturer in Thailand. More than 30 natural extracts imported from abroad. KLASSY vital skin radiance super serum with nano texture that is unique of our brand. Our mission is to maintain quality and efficiently deliver goods to our customers.


The main ingredient in the serum

     The light serum texture non sticky rich in extracts are valuable to the skin. To increase the efficiency of skin care to be superior Provides long-lasting moisture to the skin with HYA-3X , comes with MUNAPSYS , which received an award in In Cosmetic 2018 , quality guaranteed and okra extract. rich in essential substances for the skin Helps smooth skin Wrinkles look faded, coordinated with MHY White 498 and extracts from mandarin oranges. That penetrates into the skin perfectly, helping to adjust the skin color to be consistent and bright Naturally radiant, together with Centella asiatica extract and vitamin C derivative such as Ascorbyl gilcoside , it helps to care for the skin of dark spots from melasma or freckles and look noticeably faded. It also takes care of the skin from dust, smoke and air pollution. Corn extract, the result is healthy skin, look natural.

 KLASSY SERUM Was researched and developed formulas together with researchers from the first cosmetic factory in Thailand. Built for more than 50 years Specialist in cosmetic products including modern production processes and have international standards.


ALCOHOL FREE , alcohol-free 

MINERAL OIL FREE No oil that acts like a thin film. to coat the top layer Results when the skin is covered therefore unable to get rid of the dirt under the skin 

PREESERVETIVES FREE , preservative-free, paraben-free, safe,

NO ARTIFICIAL COLOURS , no synthetic colors.

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